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2004 jeep Grand Cherokee evo all , connection 1 only 3 wires ?

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Per connection 1. On the guide it's only showing Ignition, Data. Theres no 12v constant, or Accessory, or Start. So I'm just wondering why these connections are not needed... I mean literally looks like 2 or 3 wires on the 20 pin to use, and the 2 on the Red plug. I'm so lost on how this is working. Videos online show tapping into the main loom and grabbing the accessory, and starter, and constant to start the vehicle. Then the 2 wires for the bypass. Also last question do I need to hookup the obd2. Is that the same as data ?
asked May 11 in Jeep by Jeremy Boven (450 points)

1 Answer

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The wiring diagram you're looking at (Guide # 3317) is a regular installation, means you still need to have a additional remote starter brain besides evo-all (which is a bypass module here), and your going to hook the ignition, 12+, starter...etc wires to the remote starter module.

You need to connect your evo-all to the remote starter though data to avoid hooking many wires, very simillar to page 3 in the guide, left diagram.

On your specific model, your door look is controlled though data, which pin-2 "Yellow/Purple" at the (6-pin igniton connector).

So you will have 2 units connected together

Evo-all is a bypass module here, hooked to the ignition wire at the ignition connector "Blue/White" to by pass security, also a Third Party Remote starter Brain: is the remote starter.

answered May 11 by Haidar Jabbar (8,650 points)
selected May 11 by Derek