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Why my evo all activate my check engine light on my chrysler 200 2015?

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After few minutes running check engine light came on and says the codes are unknown. Codes are for Mitsubishi Mirage.
asked May 3 in Chrysler by mortiz906 (130 points)
edited May 3 by mortiz906

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module?


What is the DTC code being set?
answered May 3 by Derek (227,910 points)
S/N 001A07016416 FAULTS CODES are U1110, U1120, U1403, P0AD4, U0001, U0140, U0164, U110A, U0110C
What is the s/n to the module?


What are all the products that were installed?


Those are almost all network codes, I would take a look at your can bus connections. If any type of quick connect was used, it should be removed and the wires should be spliced into the vehicles existing wiring.
I use the t-harmness nothing is loose.
Which t-harness was used? The harness itself will have a sticker with the part number on it.