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crank but no start

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first of the car was remote starting fine.

i decided to add a siren since the E1(white wire 6 pin conncector) wasnt needed cuz i dont have starter2 on my car. so i went ahead and connected the E1 wire to my siren + and program function 12-3 and siren works fine but when remote starting the car would just crank but wont start.

also i tried function 2 mode 2 and still nothing i put it back to 2-4 and stlll nothing.


please need help thanks
asked May 2 in Toyota by Edrice Iraola (880 points)
edited May 2 by Edrice Iraola

2 Answers

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Currently you have the evo set for 2.4.


So I would go and re set 12.3, be sure to save the options before unplugging the unit.


if the vehicle cranks but does not start I would I would go back over your ignition switch. Making sure ign1 goes to ign1, ign 2 to ign 2 and so on.


Also if you place the head of the key next to the ignition barrel and try to remote start it, what happens?
answered May 3 by Derek (223,850 points)
when function 2-4 is set car remote startsfine but when i set function 12-3 car wont remote start.

when programming evo one with flaslink when choosing the 12-3 option the green box goes away from the 2-4 option

when choosing  the 2-4 option box the 12-3 option goes back to 12-1

its like it wont let me choose both option at the same time

i checked the wires and they are they suppose to be.
you can only choose one or the other, you cannot chose both option 2.4 and 12.3 at the same time as they make the large white wire on the 6 pin react differently.

If it starts with 2.4 this would indicate the vehicle has 2 ign and 2 starts and should be wired up as so.

What you can do next is use the orange/black(-) on the 20 pin of the evo and program option 12.4 and use it as the ground on the siren, then just supply a fused 12v to the siren.
i followed Guide # 81101 fo the install,on the guide E1 is only required for corolla XRS model. my corolla does not have starter 2.

i have 2-4 option on but the E1 wire is not connected and the car remote starts fine,thats y i  added siren since the E1 wire is not being used.

im already using the orange/black wire for my car horn.

is the E1 wire only fucntional for function 2 & 31?

Oh I see. In that case try setting 2.1 then select 12.3 maybe?

If that doesnt work, stick a test light on it to see how the wire is reacting when starting/alarm trigger.
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you will have to use the negative trigger and not E1. The negative trigger is 2A rated and is perfectly fine for a standard siren.

Changing the setting for +siren on the white wire will automatically change the configuration of the main harness to it's default 2.1 setting.
answered May 5 by Robb (260,440 points)
you can set 2.1 instead, sure... but will need to re-wire your 6-pin harness and a relay to power up the 2nd ignition since option 2.1 makes the ORANGE wire an ACCESSORY.


This would free up the white wire to be used for a +trigger for the siren.


Normally you would just use the dedicated orange/black (-)trigger though..
I will give this a try,thanks