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My evo-all bypass module not compatible with the device.

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When connecting my evo-all to the flash link through flash link manage I get a message saying flash link is not compatible with the device. What is up or what did I do wrong? It never gets to a screen to select vehicle just stays in the home screen with the error and the only think I can select is updating firmware to the flash link which I did. Please help.

Evo all bypass module

0480970311821 (serial number)
Fortin Flash Link Updater (service number)
asked Apr 26 in Jeep by Albert Wu (180 points)
edited Apr 26 by Albert Wu

2 Answers

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What is the S/N to the evo? It should start with 001a07 or 002b04.
answered Apr 27 by Derek (223,850 points)
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Evo all serial number is

001A06 631337
answered Apr 27 by Albert Wu (180 points)
edited Apr 27 by Albert Wu
Please send a picture of the sticker on the back of the evo to support@fortin.ca to continue troubleshooting your issue.
I already send picture to support@fortin.ca
Yes, it was received, as mentioned it can take 24-48 hours for the module to be added.


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