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08 Lincoln MKX Thar For4 w2w viper 4806 alarm does not disarm with RS door unlock

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Guide 89121  wire to wire

firmware 71.49

sn 001a07150161

Alarm goes off when using RS unlock button when opening door

trunk only opens with car remote started. Does not open with car resting


Viper alarm doesn't have option to pulse ignition and gwr when unlocking door
it has a wire used to disarm alarm

what options do I have
asked Apr 20 in Lincoln by richard maldonado (330 points)
edited Apr 20 by richard maldonado

1 Answer

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set your viper piece to power ign and gwr with unlock. It should have an option for this in its settings.
answered Apr 20 by Derek (223,850 points)
If that is the case then your viper system is not capable of dis arming the oem alarm.

I would suggest contacting viper, perhaps they have a suggestion or feature they can suggest.