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No horn chirp or door pin switch on EVO-ONE-441 on a 2015 Corolla CE auto with H-key?

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I've installed the EVO-ONE with the RF441 kit and the THAR-ONE-TOY8 harness in a 2015 Corolla CE (auto, H-key, no OEM remote, no OEM alarm). Most of it seems to be fairly plug-and-play, but it doesn't seem to be picking up the horn nor the door pin switch.

It locks, unlocks, remote starts and stops just fine with the parking lights merrily blinking away, but it is completely silent - even if I press and hold the LOCK button for three seconds to send everything blinking there is no sound.

It also looks not to be picking up the door pin switch.

Am I correct in assuming that neither of these is on CANbus and both need to be wired individually?

The TOY3 harness documentation (ig_thr_bi_toy3-corolla_2014-2016_hkey_g_31341.pdf) seems to suggest that the door pin (-) needs a hard-wired individual signal (EVO ONE: -/Driver Door Pin Green/Red In/Out A18 to Corolla: pin 34 - white wire - on white 40-pin connector E3, fuse box) while every other document Fortin provides shows no such connection and unhelpfully labels EVO ONE A9-10, A16-20 simply as "Bypass config." with no further description and nothing connected. I'd installed based on the TOY8 documentation, which has no discrete individual connection to the door pin switch. The door is ignored.

Which is correct?

For the horn?

An earlier question "No horn chirp evo one 442 rf kit with a 2017 Tacoma H key ?" suggested individually hard-wiring Evo-One's two-ampère horn/siren relay (orange/black on the 20 pin connector) to the horn trigger (ie: the wire to the actual horn switch on the steering column).

Upon reviewing all of Fortin's Toyota-specific documentation, there seems to be nothing saying exactly where to connect this wire on the 2015 Corolla. Anywhere. (Including evo one: ig_reg_bi_toy-corolla_2014-2016_hkey_g_31301.pdf, ig_thr_bi_toy3-corolla_2014-2016_hkey_g_31341.pdf, ig_thr_bi_toy8-corolla-im_2014_hkey_a_71461.pdf) and the generic EVO and RF441 docs (dem-ug_en_generic_k_21471.pdf, fortin-rfk441-install-guide-68451.pdf) among others.)

None of these documents indicate that a hard-wired horn trigger needs to be connected to the vehicle to get the horn or the alarm and none say where to find the horn signal in the 11th gen Corolla; they list the individual EVO ONE pin (A7) but don't show it connected anywhere on the car.

A post on the12volt com's Toyota forum suggests "Horn Trigger: lt. green - dash fuse box, white 56 pin plug (3C), pin 49" as a candidate for the 2014 Corolla without pushbutton start; I presume "dash fuse box" is the BCM but which connector is this? Can it be hard-wired direct to EVO ONE pin A7 or does it need a relay?

Why isn't this wire on the 11th gen Corolla identified by name, number, position or colour in any of the Fortin documentation, and is the info from the outside forum still correct for the 2015 model?

asked Mar 26, 2021 in Toyota by carlb (200 points)

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Yes you must conect the wire for horn to sound.

orange/black (-) on 20 pin connector is the horn output.


door pins should be through can bus. what is the s/n to the unit?
answered Mar 26, 2021 by derek ! (284,770 points)
selected Mar 26, 2021 by carlb

Fortin EVO-ONE-441 1-Way Remote Starter × 1 THAR-ONE-TOY8 / N/A

Control module flashed for:
2015 Toyota Corolla H-Key Auto
EVO-ONE / 002B04156943 / 79.65 / 002B07156943 / 1.25.

Install Guide: https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/71461/evo-one_ig_thr_bi_toy8-corolla-im_2014_hkey_a_71461.pdf

So EVO ONE: "orange/black (-) on 20 pin connector" needs to be connected. Where does it go on the 2015 Corolla? Which connector on the car?

On your vehicle it would go to the following wire: Dash fuse box, white 56 pin connector, pin 49, Lt.green. Test wire on vehicle before connecting.