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2017 Q60 3.0T

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Firtsly, is there a solution for my Infiniti Q60 Red Sport (3.0T)?  Wouldn't the EVO All or EVO One with the T-Harness that works on the 2017 Q50 3.0 with Push-to Start work with my car?


If the answer to the question is yes, then here are a few more questions.


My Q60 has factory remote start.  The remote has the remote start button.  Would I use the remote start button or would I still have to press the lock button 3 times? Would I be able to add an RF Kit?


asked Mar 24 in Infiniti by Luis Sanchez (580 points)

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-yes it works, and your factory still works as well.

-you still need to press the 3xlock or lock-unlock-lock

-you can add rf kit to your remote system
answered Mar 25 by Haidar Jabbar (8,720 points)
selected Mar 25 by Derek
Thank you for responding so quickly and for the good news.  Now I have a few more questions.

1. Should I go with the EVO ONE (with T-Harness) or the EVO ALL (with T-Harness)?

2. If I go with the EVO ONE, will I be able to connect the RF Kit to it?

3. If I go with the EVO ALL, (using Guide # 75841) where would I connect the "Start/Stop External Control" (A13, Yellow/Black wire), the "Lock -" (A2, Purple wire) and the "Unlock -" (A3, Purple/White wire)?

Thanks again for your support.

1- In your case you can use either evo-all or evo one.

2- You can have RFKIT with Evo-all or Evo-one, your choice.

3- You do not need to connect those wires its optional.
Thank you very much for all of your help.  I will update you after I complete the installation.

Edit:  I installed the EVO ALL with the T-Harness and the RFK942 on the Q60S.  It works perfectly.  Thank you for your help and outstanding product support.
you welcome, great that helped you