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Evo all & ascl6 program issue

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2014 ram 1500 (standard key start) after successful programming, vehicle can be remote started by 3x lock only....H2 - fortin 2 is selected on in flashlink setting, ascl6 app protocol is set to fortin, RFA2A adaptor is connected but still no luck, both red and green led on ascl6 are on solid, been trying to get the evo all to pair with ascl6 with no success.


evo all led lights are stuck at step 8, will not go to step 9 

1 - Disconnect the Black 4 pin power connector from the Evo-All.

2 - Press and Hold the Programming button on the Evo-All while plugging back the Black 4 pin connector.

3 - The LED’s on the Evo-All will begin to cycle. Keep pressing the programming button until the RED and BLUE LED’s are On.

4 - Release the programming button.

5 - Press and Hold the programming button again for 5 seconds. The BLUE and RED LED’s will blink once.

6 - Release the programming button.

7 - Cycle the ignition to the ON position.

8 - The RED, YELLOW and BLUE LED’s will be ON.

9 - Seconds later the RED and BLUE LED’s will blink once to confirm that the MyCar ID has been learned to the Evo-All.

10 - Cycle the vehicle’s ignition to the OFF position to Exit EVO-ALL programming.

asked Mar 21, 2021 in Ram by Gring Yang (160 points)

1 Answer

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When the ignition is on and the evo is in pairing mode, try sending lock from the app and watch to see if blue & red blink ocne when you send the lock command.
answered Mar 22, 2021 by derek ! (277,110 points)


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