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I have a 07 canyon with fortín evo and cool start not reprogram

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When I purchased the vehicle it was able to unlock the truck and start the truck and it has two channels on the remote that I have from crimestopper cool start .... I guess I'm wanting to know how to go about resetting or programming it to start my truck and unlock my doors  ?  I have evo all and a cool start .... I tried pressing the valet button a few times to make the horn go off and light flash but that's about it .... the fortín unit won't reset ... when I press the reset button on the fortín evo all nothing happens ... I'm left with a 3 green lights or maybe one yellow and two green but that's about it ..... I'm not seeing any blue lights , or red lights at all during the process ... should I unplug my battery on my truck ? What is the process to set up both units or how do I run the reprogramming .... I can't seem to get a response out of the evo all unit
asked Mar 19 in Remote Starters by Chris Currie (130 points)

1 Answer

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The unit was working and has stopped working?


When you send RS from the crimestopper remote, do you get any type of error code from the parking lights (if they were connected) or clicks from the cool start unit?


it shouldnt need to be reset or re programmed. Although it might have to be now that youve been attempting to program it.

This would be the installation guide and programming for a 07 canyon: https://fortin.ca/download/87871/evo-all_ig_reg_bi_gm_canyon_2004-2012_a_87871.pdf
answered Mar 22 by Derek (227,350 points)