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After starter times out, the doors can not be unlocked using interior door lock buttons?

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EVO ALL  with T-Harness.  For 2019 Ram 1500 Larime gas push-to-start.
asked Mar 13, 2021 in Ram by Stephen Bartek (130 points)
recategorized Mar 13, 2021 by Stephen Bartek

1 Answer

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I dont understand the question.


Your sitting in the truck for 15 minutes and after it times out you can unlock from the inside of the vehicle? Does the OEM remote work?
answered Mar 15, 2021 by derek ! (285,690 points)
Remote Start is activated and truck is running.  You unlock door and get inside truck.  Remote starter times out and truck shuts down.  A few seconds later, before truck is restarted, the lights flash and doors automatically lock.  Once locked, the interior door lock/unlock button will not unlock the door.  Buttons seem dead.  The OEM remote will unlock the door BUT doors should not lock with OEM remote inside the vehicle.

Is this a programming issue with the AVO ALL?  If for some reason you would leave the OEM remote inside the vehicle and exit the vehicle while truck is running in Remote Start mode, you could end up with truck locked, OEM remote inside the truck and the door unlock/lock buttons not fuctioning.
What is the S/N number to the unit? I will check to see how youve set it up.


For saftey reasons such as theft, the doors lock after shut down or time out to ensure the vehicle is not left unlocked. Simply make sure you dont leave your keys in the vehicle when remote started and you wouldnt ever run into that issue.