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Programming went fine, but at remote start nothing happens but flashing blue led

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wiring and programming went smooth. Working on a 2015 Honday Odyssey with Evo one and THAR-ONE-HON4. After programing when I hit the buttons for remote start the van will not remote start. The blue led flashes and that is it. Any help would be appreciated.

asked Mar 1, 2021 in Honda by jon hatcher (450 points)

1 Answer

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 You want to check,nd enalble option C1 in the bypass options.

Check option 38.2 (at remote starter side) To enable 3x Lock Start  lock lock lock.


answered Mar 1, 2021 by Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)
selected Mar 9, 2021 by jon hatcher
got the vehicle back in and sure enough I didnt save option 38.2. Thank you so much!


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