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2016 Kia Soul. Remote start isn't engaging. Fortin Evo One

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Having problems with the Evo One not kicking the remote starter on. Programming was did right Im assuming, the can connections are correct assuming becuase i was getting the flashing blue led and such when programming. I do not have the EMS wire so i did use option 2 in the installation diagram. Hit the oem remote 3 times but nothing. Not sure what needs to be checked in the firmware updater though. Kinda stumped and help would be appreciated.
asked Feb 26 in Kia by Tom Schneider (440 points)

1 Answer

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when you press lock on the oem remote does the blue led flash on the remote starter ? You want to check,nd enalble option C1 in the bypass options.

Check option 38.2 (at remote starter side) To enable 3x Lock Start  lock lock lock.


answered Feb 26 by Haidar Jabbar (8,720 points)