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2004 montana doesn't start

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prostart installed, evo-all installed with 4.06 firmware. cammand start activates all lights but does not attemp to start the engine, no crank. wheres the problem?
asked Jan 15, 2014 in Pontiac by Willy Friesen (200 points)

2 Answers

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I have a similar issue with a 2006 Pursuit.

When I programm I can t get the yellow led to turn off and turn on red while holding key to crank. Then I let go shut engine off turn on again and then red led come on , then blue flash  .

All function works good but no cranking. All lights come on , I here Pro start turn off acc to start , all react ok but no crank, Evo all is triggering red and blue led.

Lock unlock did program ok

20140123  is the guide I use.   Connection 1  program 5

There is also a mistake The image of transponder connector show me 2nd pin ( which is acc brown ) text says red and white which is pin 1 ???  I try both no success.


At ignition switch it tells me to cut V-data  white . Is this ok ?
answered Jan 21, 2015 by Marc Voyer (920 points)

This is completely a different installation compared to the Montana 2004.

You need to cut the vdata, so make sure wires are not reversed as this sends out the Passlock value which allows starting.


Also make sure the YELLOW wire of the EVO is on ACCESSORY and not ignition. This is why you cannot program the unit correctly.

The wire you need to cut at the transponder is the main power, red/white. Pin locations will vary per model.


If you want to test your installation, you need to manual jump some wires in this order.

  1. Ground the GwR
  2. put 12V to accessory
  3. put 12V to ignition
  4. remove 12V from accessory (car should crank here)
  5. put 12V back to accessory

If accessory and ignition are powered at the same time, the vehicle will never crank.

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whats the evo service number and are you in datalink?

If you meter the actual remote starter outputs for accessory, ignition and starter, what voltages do you read?


cammand start activates all lights

What lights on the EVO are turing on?

answered Jan 21, 2015 by Robert T (285,590 points)
I know I did connect Evo yellow to Ignition, I will correct that and reprogram.

Is there a favorite  software to program into evo. I did upgrade to flashlink recomended  program.

Stay tuned. Thanks.
For the Pursuit 2006, any firmware should work fine, but change that yellow wire connection :)
I did put it to acc and all is working good. My stupid mistake.


Thanks for great help !!