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Using THAR-ONE-SUB1 with Evo-all and aftermarket RS

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Great support forum!  I've learned a lot.


I'm in the process of installing an "Advanced Keys" remote starter with the aftermarket push button using the Thar-one-sub1 and Evo-all.  I have 2 quick questions I hope you can help with.

1)  When programming the evo-all, Should I still choose "standard key", "standard connection", and "standard installation"?

2)  My plan is to just cut off the evo-one connection and wire directly to the aftermarket unit.  I see the 2 starters are spliced and dioded.  I assume i should be fine still connecting to the 1 +starter wire from the aftermarket to the thicker yellow on the T harness?


Thanks in advance,

asked Feb 26, 2021 in Subaru by jeff caldeira (130 points)

1 Answer

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Yes to both questions. 


The SUB1 harness will be wired per the evo-one install guide without a harness. Judging by your research, i think you probably already new this though :D 

answered Feb 26, 2021 by Robert T (284,390 points)