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evo one programmed correctly but no crank

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2009 corolla (standard key)A/T


Install guide #81101

followed the exact connection on the guide and succesfully programed module, but

when remote starting with oem 3xremote ignition comes on but does not crank at all.

Also coud not get to program the Rfkit model ANT-FMH SM  remote model FTX84

please help!!thank you.
asked Feb 20 in Toyota by Edrice Iraola (980 points)

2 Answers

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If ignition is on, check your starter wire?

does the antena rapidly flash blue when your programming the remotes ?
answered Feb 20 by Haidar Jabbar (8,720 points)
i double check all wires on ignition/starter and its all good,before it tries to remote start lights flahes 4x and 4x after attemp,4 flashes is valet mode?the red led inside the module b yellow loop was solid red but i was able to turn off valet mode and still no crank, is ther any other wires that needs to be connected? IMO? but doesnt show connection on the guide.

As for the RF kit the antenna LED does not turn on at all when im doing the programing,but when i unplug the antenna cable and plug it back in module i see the led flash once but wont flash during programming, itried using the valet switch button and that doesnt work either i dont hear horn/light flash.
Any ideas that you can tell me?

on install guide the E1 white wire shows connect to starter 2,but I don't have starter 2,what do I do the white wire?

also do I need to connect IMO?if so what wires do I need from the Evo module?

also on programming the RFkit when turning ignition on antenna led should turn on but it doesn't  turn at all,and when using the valet button it does not do anything such as horn noise when pressing valet button,but my horn is connected properly.


please help thanks
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reading over your thread looks like you have a couple seperate issues, my suggestion to get this resolved the fastest way would be to call fortin tech support when you have the vehicle and module and rf kit on hand. 1-877-336-7797.


a few things to try before calling:

-does it remote start if you put the head of the key infront of the ignition barrel?

-you mentioned checking the wires, if the starter wire on the evo is outputting during rs the car should crank, perhaps check afrter your connection to make sure it reaches the vehicle.

-Are you able to enter and exit valet mode using the valet switch?

-if you unplug the 20 pin connector can you enetetr pairing mode using the valet switch?


Best Regards.
answered Feb 24 by Derek (227,910 points)
No it does not remote start when I put  head of key in front of  ignition barrel

As for evo starter output wire during RS it doesn't show voltage

i can enter/exit valet mode BUT only first try but next attempt program button does not respond at all.

With 20pin connector unplugged it does not let me enter pairing mode.
I would then suggest calling fortin tech support to further diagnose what the issue may be.

Just need to ask,on the guide it says to turn option 2-4 which showing E1(white wire) to connect to starter 2 on the ignition,but I don't have have 2nd starter wire on the car,so where am I suppose to connect the white wire?or are there other option I can turn on besides option 2-4?thanks
If you tested and confirmed you dont have a 2nd starter at the ignition switch simply dont connect it and dont turn on option 2.4.