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2016 tundra autorun does not work !!!!!!!

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I ask you the same question! autostart does not work, the block is constantly lit red even without the ignition key in the lock! what to do ? I arrived home yesterday, pulled out the key from the lock, I wanted to turn off the car, but it did not happen! the car continued to work and many errors were burning on the dashboard! drowned it out by turning off the dipped beam and side lights !!!!
asked Feb 16 in Toyota by Samoylov Alex (240 points)

2 Answers

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Have yur installation check by a local professional .


If you are refereing to IDLE MODE, you cannot activate idle mode if unit is setup for 3xlock... the oem remote does not work whent he car is started with the key,
answered Feb 17 by Robb (262,210 points)
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hi rob! You did not understand me . my autostart worked fine until I replaced the battery on my truck. since then autorun does not work, your block is constantly lit red! . it lights up red in all key positions !! and now what happens is that you want to turn off the truck after the trip, it does not turn off after the ignition is turned off! to turn off the truck you need to turn off the outside lights !! I bought a set with T adapters! and I repeat everything worked before replacing the battery !!
answered Feb 17 by Samoylov Alex (240 points)
When changing batteries, Always connect ground first. Always disconnect power first. Failure to do so can actually damage components on the vehicle.  Which is what happened there, the module lost ground and bugged out.


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