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2007 Ram 2500 Diesel Manual Transmission nothing happens

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i have a 2007 2500 diesel with a manual transmission, i have the OEM key programmed but when i go to Remote start, all i hear is a relay click 3 times...also everytime i press the lock button on the key, the blue light is lighting up....


i have to make the comment, that when i program the EVO-ONE on flashlink, the "settings" that are saved on the EVO-ONE shows different than the ones i have programmed/saved. is there a "lockout" or something that i must do?

for instance: i saved the turbo timer to be on for 4 minutes on the fortin flashlink, when i check to see "current settings," it shows that it is off. and so forth.
asked Feb 15, 2021 in Ram by Dominic Vanacore (150 points)

1 Answer

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The installation guide is only showing wiring for automatic transmission. Did you wire in the clutch bypass ?

The clutch signal is a yellow/dark blue wire at the clutch switch. Negative trigger. You can use the small white wire in the 20-pin connector for that.


Second, manual transsmission vehicle require that you do Ready Mode in order to be able to remote start. Ready mode is what tells the unit, car is in neutral. https://fortin.ca/en/download/87611/87611.pdf

Enable option 33.2 since you are using the oem remote and follow option 3 in the guide above. Since you have a turbo timer enabled, vehicle would run 4 minutes and not shutdown on door close like mentionned.
answered Feb 15, 2021 by Robert T (284,540 points)
i did not wire in the clutch bypass, i will do that promptly..also, i have already set up ready mode to be what option 3 is in the PDF you linked.

i will try it and see what happens THANK YOU