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Fortin Evo-One with latest drone DR-X1 DroneMobile wire harness pin out

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I am using the https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/58071/drone-dr-3400-install-guide-58071.pdf as a guide on installing a drone telematics to an Evo-One. Firmware is already flashed to 0.50 but the wires on the wire harness for the Drone i receveid in the mail today are different color that the quide. The wire harness on the new drone has the same location on the red and black wires but now instead of the blue and white wires I have left to right the fallwoing colors: white, yellow, black and red. Do I still need to swap the white and yellow wires on hte connector going into the Evo-One?

Thank you

asked Feb 10 in Wirecolor by Michael Michael (300 points)

2 Answers

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Fortin has not tested any version of drone past dr3400. So i do not know how functionality will be.

I do not have the information on pin outs for any newer Drone devices since they have not been tested.


on the older dr3400 units all you need to do is swap Rx and Tx on one end of the drone cable.
answered Feb 10 by Derek (227,350 points)
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I am using this same setup.  Swapping the white and yellow wires on one end does end up with the same results as the DR3400.  On my 07 Lexus GS350 I can Start/Stop the car, and Lock/Unlock the doors.

That said, when I refresh it doesn't correctly update the status.  May show the engine is on when it is not or battery only shows 12v, when I know it is 13.6v.  Strange thing is these functions seemed to work with the white and yellow wires in their original positions.  Neat, but pretty useless since it then won't start the car.
answered Jun 22 by Chad Stanley (190 points)