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dodge charger 2014 step 5 blue/red lights not flashing using thar-chr6

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Followed instructions in guide #97711 on a dodge charger 2014 automatic.  Updated module using flashlink.  Have A10 and A20 wires attached to same wires coming from harness, no other wiring.  In step 5 where it specifies to push the button 1x to turn off the blue led and then it states that the blue led and the red led will flash.  This never happens.
closed with the note: Solved! Read last comment.
asked Feb 9, 2021 in Dodge by Matt Johnson (130 points)
closed Feb 10, 2021 by Matt Johnson

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module?
answered Feb 9, 2021 by derek ! (277,310 points)
While I was on the phone with another support rep, the 2nd remote I used to test the install now does not work.  The 2nd support rep I spoke to claimed the battery was incorrectly removed on the 1st remote causing it to fail.  So how did this 2nd one fail?  I have disconnected the battery to see if that clears things up as the 2nd support rep seemed to suggest.
Ya that isn't normal, the oem remote should always function.
Ok triple checked all connections, mounted ODB connector back in place and reconnected battery.  Have only hooked up the module with the harness connection and the 20 pin connector, have not hooked up the data link and the odb connections.  Both the 1st remote and 2nd remote are working, can start car, can lock/unlock as though nothing happened.  There are some permanent codes on the ODB status that my reader cannot remove as it says that they are permanent, I think not a big deal because this is most likely from the bad wiring I initially did.  So at this point since I did a master reset and no longer have the dcryptor I will continue at that point.  Again only thing I need to do is hook up the odb connector and the data link one that requires me to hold until I get to blue led.  Will report back with results.
Ok everything is working, ended up doing dcryptor a 3rd time because laptop went in to sleep mode.  Tested multiple times the starting, locking/unlocking of the car and each was successful.  Mounted evo-all securely made sure no wires were/are loose.  Double checked functions after putting dash back together and everything still works fine.  Both remotes appear to be currently working without issue after disconnecting the battery for about 2 hours.  Thank you Derek!
Glad you got it sorted matt.


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