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2010 Mazda 6 Standard Key EVO-ONE - Dcryptor Step 5

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For a 2010 Mazda 6 Standard Key (instructions https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/80571/evo-one_ig_reg_bi_maz_6_2009-2013_key_a_80571.pdf), I can't get the Dcryptor process (specifically step 5) to work for the EVO-ONE.  The unit was removed and reinstalled, and I reflashed and master reset the bypass (Flashlink recommended 7.44 and I followed the hold down prog button while connecting 6-pin, then hold down again until all LEDs cycle).

When I get to step 5, both the yellow and red LEDs are on and the red LED never turns off to proceed to step 6.  If I turn off the ignition, both yellow and red remain on.  I have tried the 2 key method and it will not work either.  I have resoldered the TX and RX lines on the transponder connector as well.  The unit otherwise attempts to remote start the car, but the security light flashes quickly on the dashboard and remote start is not successful, then the parking lights flash 4x after the failed start.  Any other suggestions?
asked Jan 27 in Mazda by ERIC DOMINGO (290 points)

1 Answer

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Try flipping your Rx and Tx wires then re attempt programming.
answered Jan 28 by Derek (227,350 points)