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Few Qs about Remote while running, Unlock after disconnect, supermarket mode?

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This question should apply to 2018-2020 Buick Regals or Opel Insignias.

GMT-6 Module is currently installed. Car starts with Oem remote (lock unlock lock), keyless entry / push-to-start.

1. Once the car is started with the remote, the remote doesn't work to unlock/lock the car unless i turn the engine off. Anyway we can get around this?

2. If the timer on the remote runs out (let's say after 15 minutes), the car turns off, auto-unlocks the entire car, and keeps the lights on. Anyway we can stop it from unlocking?

3. My old/previous car used to have a crimestopper ( i think),  remote start, and it had this feature where if i stop somewhere to get something quick, I can pull the handbrake, and that would trigger the remote start system to take over, while i remove the key and lock the running car.

Is this feature possible here?  currently i turn off the car. Exit, Lock, remote start, then walk away.
asked Jan 25, 2021 in Buick by Ramy Fathi (130 points)

1 Answer

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1- no thats the nature of the beast for GM flip keys.


2- no, because this is what your car does when you turn it off with the key as well. If it is possible to disable the unlock on key off it would be in your owners manual.


3- yes, its called idle mode but in order for your to be able to use it you would need an rf kit, it will not work with your oem remote in this particular vehicle.
answered Jan 26, 2021 by derek ! (277,630 points)


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