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How do you save updates to "remote start" settings tab? save not working...

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On evo-one I have tried multiple times to save 38.2 as yes. This is supposed to make lock x3 start the truck. However whenever I plug the device into the fortin flash module the software says 38.4. Again and again I try 38.2 save it, and when inspected it says 38.4. This is maddening. Do I save the settings then reflash the device, the instructions do not say this. The user is expecting when "saved" the module is updated, but from my experience it is not.
asked Jan 24 in Chevrolet by Glen Coulson (160 points)
edited Jan 24 by Glen Coulson

1 Answer

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you do not re flash it.


clicking save should work.


what is the S/N to the module in question?
answered Jan 25 by Derek (228,160 points)
My S/N:002B04145214 is an Evo-one. I'm saving 38.2, but when I open the device in forton and check settings it says 38.4, when I go into edit settings, it says 38.2? Its like the main menu is not recording the change, but the desired affect has been recorded just not applied. My click lock x3 does not work. Fast, slow, or medium the remote start will not work on my 2020 chevy silverado.