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Single horn chirp and no start

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2019 Ford Explorer Base model key start with EVO ALL standalone. With fort3 harness as well. Running 4.01 firmware, and seemed to be successful programming after I went in with forscan to activate remote start on the BCM and IPC. It goes through the motions after I hit lock/unlock/lock. Red LED comes on, then yellow, then blue flickers with a single horn honk/parking lights flash. It does this again, and then I get 3 red LED blinks, which I know means no tach/no start. Is there any other settings that need to be turned on in forscan? I have a toggle switch instead of door pin. I also tried disabling hood switch in forscan, and the same thing happens.
asked Jan 24 in Ford by Bradley Hartman (330 points)

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the single horn chirp is the trucks way of telling you it detects hood open, no start/no tach.

You need to physcally add a jumper to ground at the bcm as shown in the installation guide. Turning off the feature will not fix your issue.  (https://fortin.ca/download/69071/evo-all_ig_tsa_bi_for3-explorer_2016-2017_c_69071.pdf)


Once this is done re program the module to the truck and re test.
answered Jan 25 by Derek (227,910 points)
selected Jan 25 by Bradley Hartman
To make sure I got the right connector, I went to the Ford dealer. Since mine doesn't have a wire at pin 14 in the BCM, I had to add one. The dealer GAVE me the correct pin, that was factory crimped, along with about a one foot section of wire. I installed it, and it worked perfectly! I didn't notice this requirement in the directions, because that diagram and the parking light diagram had the word "optional" between the two diagrams(paying more attention, it was on the parking light diagram) it was highlighted the same color, and dumb me thought it was optional for both.
glad you got it sorted out. Pretty sweet they gave ya the pin for the bcm connector!


best regards.