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Old instructions for 2010 Mazda 6

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Do you have a copy of the old installation guide for EVO-ONE in a 2010 Mazda 6 Standard Key?  I purchased and installed in early 2019 and the unit was manufactured in 2018.  The new instructions say the unit has to be manufactured after 2019 but the old instructions didn't have that limitation.  I had an unrelated electrical issue with the vehicle and had to disconnect the EVO-ONE and its wiring, and now that I have resolved that, I want to make sure I reinstall in the correct way with the correct firmware versions.
asked Jan 19 in Mazda by ERIC DOMINGO (290 points)

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The install is the same and the programming is the same. Ignore that note and flash whatever the flash link will recommend. Dont even need to flash it either if it was previously functional.


If you do flash it, and then reprogram it to the car, make sure to also RESET the bypass portion.

1. Hold button in while inserting power, release on RED.

2. Press and hold until all three leds alternate rapidly.
answered Jan 20 by Robb (262,210 points)
selected Jan 20 by ERIC DOMINGO
Thank you sir!