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Parking / headlights flash 3 times every time brake pedal is released

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Install is on a 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler manual transmission using Evo-One (S/N 002B04127001) and the THAR-CHR7 harness.  Remote start is working but when brake pedal is released the parking lights and headlights, if they are on flash 3 times.  Seems like the only time they do not is if parking brake is engaged or on the first push of the brake pedal after starting.
asked Jan 17 in Jeep by Todd Harrison (130 points)

1 Answer

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This normally happens when option 33.2 is enabled and there is no connection between the small yellow wire (A1) on the 20 pin connector and the large pink wire from connector E.


To correct this issue:

Connect the 2 together with a diode. You DO NOT want the pink to send volatge to the vehicle. So the band will face towards the evo-one.
answered Jan 18 by Derek (227,910 points)
Just added the diode, but the lights are still flashing, nothing changed.
is the yellow wire before or after the diode that is installed inline on the large pink?
I connected the cathode end to the large pink and the anode side to the yellow.  I noticed the install sheets using CHR6 harness or the stock EVO harness show the pink connected to the purple / yellow ignition + on the manual transmissions, could that be a possibility ?
Yes i see what you are saying, give it a shot see if the light flash goes away.
Connecting the purple / yellow wire to the large pink wire worked, not sure why that isn't shown when using the CHR7 harness.