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2012 Beetle No Key Detected

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I am installing an evo-all, tb-vw, and thar-vw3. Programming completes as well as the decryption. Vehicle will start and stall with a no key message displayed on the cluster. The evo-all rapidly flashes red when attempting to start, then goes solid red, and sometimes followed by an amber light. I have tried both the blue wire and brown wire on the transponder wiring. I have also swapped around the green wiring on the tb-vw with no change. Swapped the evo-all and the tb-vw out with a new one but it is still having this issue. Vehicle will start if key is in the ignition and the remote start sequence is started. The vehicle will also start normally with the key. I have 12v at the red wire on the tb-vw, and ground present on the black wire. Both data wires ohm out OK and the wires are in the correct spots according to the diagram. Wiring on the red connector had to be modified following the Jetta guide as this beetle requires the brake pedal to be pressed. I have also tried rolling back the firmware to 75.38 as this is the earliest according to the guides.


Original evo-all sn: 001A07-106465, TB-VW 2019

2nd evo-all sn:001A07-198285, TB-VW 11/20
asked Jan 17, 2021 in Volkswagen by Blake Henry (230 points)

1 Answer

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I have exaclty the same issue with my GTI install.  How did you resolve it?
answered Oct 30, 2022 by Alex Gorodetsky (160 points)