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Decryptor required after changing settings?

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I have successfully installed the EVO-All on a 2019 Nissan Sentra (PBS). I ran the dcryptor during that installation and the remote start worked perfectly.

I just purchased an EVO-START 2, updated the RF Kit settings in FlashLink Manager, made the settings changes, and flashed the changes to the EVO-ALL. Is it necessary for me to re-run the dcryptor at this point?
asked Jan 17 in Nissan by Chimeran (150 points)

1 Answer

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Nope, just plug it back and perform the programming.

Steps: unplug the black connector (while all other connectoer plugged in) and hold down the programming button and re-insert the balc connector, release the programming buton until the Red and Blue lights are on. Then hold again the programming button untill the Red and Blue back on again and then release. Turn ignition on, at that moment your GPS antenna should flash rapidly blue, hold the button the button on the GPS antenna untill it turns green then release, turn ignition off. Done. Enjoy.

Just to add flash your evo all to enable Fortin RF-KIT (if not already done).
answered Jan 17 by Haidar Jabbar (8,720 points)
Thank you. I followed this procedure and it looks like the EVO-START 2 connected properly (I got a solid green and no yellow following the programming procedure. However, when I shut the ignition off, only the red and blue lights turned off and on on the EVO ALL. Once the ignition was off, the lights continue to blink alternating yellow and red and neither the OEM key or app can start the car. What does this light sequence mean?
it looks like your module needs to run the decrypter. When red and yellow alternate, you must disconnect the module from the vehicle and run the decryptor in the Flashlink Manager.

You can start the whole programming process again.
Thank you. I just re-ran the full programming procedure for the EVO-All, including re-running the decryptor in Flashlink Manager (which was successful). When I reconnected the unit to the car, red and yellow are still flashing alternately. I had the EVO-Start 2 connected during the procedure. I checked the continuity of all the pins with the harness and between the connectors EVO All and Evo Start 2 to ensure that the connectors weren't failing - everything looks good. Should I try decrypting again or remove the EVO-Start 2 from the system, reflash, and reprogram?  I'm concerned about hitting the flash limit of the EVO-All or the decryptor limit.