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No parking lights or horn alarm chirp. Please Help!

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Installed the Evo One for my lady, 2017 nissan sentra, standard key. I did the key bypass programing procedure as it said in the directions. I belive the oem remote should work with the 3x lock. When I hit the lock button the blue light flashes as it should. But no remote start with 3x lock button, and no parking lights or horn chirp to signal alarm has been set. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
asked Jan 16, 2021 in Nissan by Ward Hayes (210 points)

1 Answer

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le 3X lock n'est pas supporté sur un nissan Sentra 2017 clé.  Tu as besoin d'un ensemble de télécommandes
answered Jan 16, 2021 by Jérôme Maheux (1,730 points)
Thank you. Therefore I need a RF kit with a remote then, correct?
also, hit the lock button and parking lights blink twice like normal, but still no horn alarm chirp?
Have you programmed the option in the Evo-One for the white whire been positive parking light ? Option 31.4

Plus, if your Evo-One blue led is blinking on Lock/Unlocking your door from the oem remote, it detect CAN doorlock and should work in 3X Lock Start, but you need to activate the option, 38.2
I have not programmed anything, I did not recieve the flashlink updater. will an rf kit with remotes still work? considering I bought a rf kit with remotes... id rather just use that then buy the flashlink if thats possible?
Yes you can program remote starter option with an rf kit as well. Just follow your quick install guide of the Evo-One for the procedure.
So Ive activated 31.4 and 38.2 with flashlink updater. Remote start works! But when remote started the open door warning light comes on therefore the interior cab lights come on as well and do not turn off(thinking that theres an open door). Also after key is put in ignition and turned to off position the vehicle still runs. This normal? Any advice? Thanks for all the help!
Everything works/turns off when brake is applied. Just wondering now if its normal for the interior lights to be on the whole time when remote start is enabled?