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EVO ALL won't recognize keys on 2019 Ford Explorer during programming

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Evo all standalone wire to wire with t-harness firmware 71.52(i have also tried 71.49, 4.01, 7.47, and programming related to listed firmwares) I am trying to do 2 key programming. When I get to the step of holding(the folded key) to the ignition, press the button on EVO, nothing happens. Nothing progresses. Any ideas for where I need to look? CAN bus is wired and voltage tested good. Wires were stripped, wrapped, and taped. Module does seem to communicate with vehicle with key fob sending lock/unlock(blue LED lights up) functions, then doing the lock/unlock/lock, it flashes 5 times RED which i know means hood open. Not sure why as the toggle switch has a good ground and is turned off. The toggle is wired into the dark blue A8 wire on the 20 pin connector. Please advise
asked Jan 15, 2021 in Ford by Bradley Hartman (330 points)

1 Answer

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The programming with the FOR2 harness requires 71.52. It also requires that you connect the Purple/Yellow to the Yellow

71.49 is a different programming.

4.01 is a completely different install and programming.


5 flashes is hood open. This will happen if either there is a ground signal on A8 or if the module is detecting the hood open on CAN.


So, what is the service number of the module and which t-harness are you using ?
answered Jan 15, 2021 by Robert T (284,630 points)
Service number 001A07186626. The T-harness I have only requires me to hook up CAN1 hi/lo and CAN 2 hi/lo, along with the t-harness that goes to the ignition barrel. There are not any other free wires to connect to anything. Please advise