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EVO ALL stand alone won't program to my 2019 Ford Explorer

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2019 Ford Explorer Base key start, no hood pin, auto trans

I can get the CAN bus to program(I get the proper lights) Can bus voltages checked at 5 pin connector. 

key on.                                Key off

CAN 2 HIGH  2.76V.            2.08V

CAN 2 LOW.   2.24V.            2.08V

CAN 1 HIGH. 2.72V.             0V

CAN 1 LOW.   2.27V.             0V

Firmware is 71.49 as flash link suggests Toggle switch instead of hood pin has good, verified ground EVO ALL won't program my key information. I have gone through the steps prescribed(old method) with putting key in ignition, wait 6 seconds, then putting second key in for 3 seconds. Ignition comes on, but stays on. No blue LED flashing and have to unplug module to turn off. Also tried new method of folding the key in, and placing in front of the ignition, then pressing button on EVO ALL, but nothing happens. Blue and red LEDs stay lit. I am at my wits end. I have been searching all over this forum for the answer, but here I am asking the question. I am not sure which harness I have, but there is a t harness that goes to the ignition barrel, and the 4 CAN hi/lo wires that I stripped wrapped and spliced, and are on the correct wires behind the OBD2 connector. Car was bought new in 2019 with 2 factory keys..

asked Jan 14, 2021 in Ford by Bradley Hartman (330 points)

1 Answer

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That 2nd set of can should have voltage. Make sure you are testing the wires with the key in the ON position.

Also, if you are following the 1 key programming you should be using firmware 4.01 NOT 71.49.


answered Jan 14, 2021 by derek ! (284,550 points)
I was giving voltages for the key on and the key off just trying to cover as much info as possible. I am trying 2 key programming with no luck. Any other ideas? Thank you