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evo start 2 Status not updating (need support)

0 votes
hi i installed evo start 2 with evo one on honda crv, using Hon2 Tharness

evo start 2 working , i can start car , lock and unlock

but issue is i never recive command success on phone

only 50 out of 5 times it show command success,

and only sometimes its show status like battery , lock ,  Temp, i have to refresh like 50 times

i allready connected  evo start 2 yellow wire to pink igntion main wire going into evo one

i need support on this , i live in gta and map showing coverage here

asked Jan 10 in Honda by jatinder girn (160 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Make sure you have background app refresh turned on in the phone for the evo-start2 app.
answered Jan 11 by Derek (227,350 points)
0 votes
From my experience in that area, the confirmation sometimes take time. It is a 2 way channel if you are patient. when you see evo start 2 running wierd kill the app and start it again. Also, do not click on comand one after each other give like a 2 seconds atleast between commands.
answered Jan 13 by Haidar Jabbar (8,720 points)