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flashlink doesnt have standalone option so i can program telematics

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when putting flashlink in and selecting remote starter i get page not found

when selecting bypass i get the page... updated to latest software 79.65 , but i cannot select stand alone installation in the vehicle setup because its not in drop down of vehicle selection and therefore i dont get a D1 tab or the RF tabs ... hardware version is 4.0

please help, thanks
asked Jan 9 in Toyota by James Duhon (160 points)

1 Answer

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evo-one does not have Stand Alone Remote Starter option. It's a remote starter by default.


RF/Telematics options are found in the remote start side. Press CTRL+O when in the remote starter side. If you are trying to program either EVO-STARt, Carlink, MyCar, or Linkr , you dont have anything to change though.
answered Jan 11 by Robb (262,720 points)
Ok I get that , so I found the configurations tab and linkr says I have to click on the rf  compatibles and select fortin 2 , but every time I hit save then come back it's unchecked again ... so I don't know if that stops the linkr from working on my evo one?
I have also tried programming evo one to accept the telematics , I get the red light flashing then I also get the parking lights and red light flash as I click it 5 times ... but no verify of red light blink when I hit gas pedal ... and the linkr app only shows my battery level and it will show a map location , but can't get remote start and locking to work
1. Make sure to be in the smaller port of the EVO

2. Need to be using the HRN-LLRS-01 harness that comes with the LinkR

3. Try the newer method of programming...


Ignition ON-OFF-ON (red led on evo will turn on)

Press and Release the brake 4 times (red led will flash on each brake press)

EVO will be in programming now. LED should be flashing fast. The pairing happens almost instant if you were looking at the led, it would of briefly stopped after hitting that brake 4 times.

What is the s/n of your module ? it may be maxxed out thus not allowing option changing.
SN 002B04132313

Date 11/2020

Module is not maxxed out. 


I can only suggest doing a remote starter reset. Procedure for the remote starter reset, not a bypass reset, is found here: https://fortin.ca/en/download/61941/61941.pdf


Once that is done, reflash the 1.25 firmware. 

Re-enable all vehicle specific options such as 2.4

then try programming your Linkr