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evo start2 starts but no confirmation

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Evo sart 2 no  confirmation for any action taken ,Start door locks work but no confirmation. No battery voltage,no temp nothing on app. the only thing it says comande send.Door locks lock and unlocks when using the app to lock, Car starts locked or not locked. The unlock works fine no confirmation.

Everything turned on on app only once had a confirmation only twice out of around 30 tries.

cleared history nothing on app no more confirmation.

confirmations on app setting are all on.

2009 nissan murano push start.

oem remote 3 time lock works.
asked Jan 6 in Nissan by jean-francois cinq-mars (130 points)

2 Answers

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sometimes the app takes a bit before the confirmation signal is recived, it might not recive the signal right away, or could be weak cellular signal on your device?
answered Jan 7 by jeremy vermeulen (640 points)
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  • Go into the phone Settings, scroll down to evo-start app, make sure that Back Ground App refresh is enabled. 
  • Still under Settings, go to General, and also check their that background app refresh is enabled. 


  • Remove anything that is Battery Saver for the app
  • If there is any third party "anti-virus" installed, check to see if you can make exceptions for the evo-start app. Those apps are known to block the notifications


Antenna placement on the windwshield should be dead center and also a minimum of 3 inches away from the rear view mirror leg/support.


Ignition must be connected to the antenna.

answered Jan 7 by Robb (262,210 points)