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Why is my auto start starting for about 10 sec, turning off and back on again to do the same thing?

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I have put an Evo key-overide-all and an Autostart in a 2001 lexus es300. Wired everything up and vehicle turns on normally and shuts down fine with the key fob however if I leave the vehicle running it shuts down and restarts after about 10 seconds.

Gone over wiring and everything is good. Double check programming on the Fortin but there are no changes to be make to the key overide. Only the update but there override is up to date.
asked Jan 5, 2021 in Lexus by Robert Francis (130 points)

1 Answer

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keyoverideall is only doing the bypass. Sounds like the Autostart does not have Tach programmed or there is an issue with how the ignition switch is powered.


To confirm you autostart is setup correctly, disconnect the key-overide-all except for the 4-pin white realy connector.

Stick the key in the barrel and remote start. If everything is setup correctly on the autostart, car will remotely start and stay running.
answered Jan 5, 2021 by Robert T (280,310 points)


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