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2018 Mazda 3 Automatic - Ignition comes ON but does not flash Yellow and Red (Step 13)

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Hi Fortin Q/A forum.  Installing a EVO-MAZT1 which I first connected to Fortin FlashLink Manager to upload the latest firmware (suggested 85.10) on Hardware 7.0.  Loaded Suggested Options, then went to the car to perform Programming.  Programming Steps 1-12 go as planned, but when the ignition turns ON and OFF by the module, the Yellow and Red LEDs do not flash as indicated in the guide.  I disconnected the module as indicated by the instruction manual (disconnect all connectors, saving the 4-Pin Data connector for last) and then connected it back up to FlashLink Manager to run DCryptor.

DCryptor says INVALID KEY DATA and "The immobilizer data received by the bypass module is incomplete. Please try again. If this error persists reconnect the module to the vehicle and start programming procedure from STEP 1."

Via the troubleshooting guides, I removed the batteries from the key fobs and tried again.  Verified connection to the data key wire was correct (Car's Red wire to bypass' Light Blue and Black wire) and secure (shaved insulation, wire inserted through conductors, wire wrapped, soldered, and taped).  Door lock actions can be seen on the bypass/remote start module as indicated by the Blue LED.  I'm confident those wires are connected correctly and securly as well.  

I tried all of the above with and without the front fuse box ground to Pin 11.  Someone please explain what that does, but the manual did not indicate if it was mandatory or optional so I tried both ways.  

In the end, I can't get DCryptor to program the module with the learning received during programming.  I fear it has to do with the Yellow and Red LEDs not flashing.  Help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
asked Jan 3, 2021 in Mazda by Zack Rogers (180 points)

1 Answer

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Ok, so I got the system to read the keys correctly and flash Yellow and Red after a Master Reset (found here in the Q/A to hold the programming button down while applying power til the Red LED appears, then hold down again til all LEDs cycle.  

After reading in the keys, that got DCryptor to accept the key information and update the module.  Went back to repeat steps 1-12 and the Blue LED never switched to Yellow to accept the Ignition ON sequences for each key...  then I waited after trying both keys and the Ignition came ON and then OFF?  Blue light stayed illuminated the whole time.  Pull all connectors, repeat from Step 1.  Stuck.
answered Jan 3, 2021 by Zack Rogers (180 points)