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I have a evo-all with tee harness for a 2013 Cruze.I could only get to step 9.Just had a solid blue light.

i flashed unit  anyway.

 remote start did not work. Went into question and answers.I saw that connecters were a problem for some units.

I rechecked my wiring. I threw away the connecters, soldered the wiring to the green wire on the diagnstic plug

.Uint programed perfectly

Tried to flash agian now can not get flash link to work.

thank you
asked Dec 31, 2020 in Chevrolet by brian petrie (180 points)

1 Answer

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i will answer my own question

i reopend flash link Manger plugged in flash link waited for 10 minutes and reflashed now remote start works fine thank you
answered Dec 31, 2020 by brian petrie (180 points)