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Forester xt 2011 evo-one evo-start2

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The new evo-one programming was ok, dcryptor sucessful, reinstall the evo-1 in the car ans test door lock blink 1 time and 2 time on lock or unlock, 3 time on lifgate, yellow light is on ignition.

Tried to program the evo start 2, without button. on-off-on 4 time brake pedal, blue light blinks , hold the button led turn green and parking on, switch ignition off and red programming led turns off.

Try to start , unlock or lock with the app , nothing works but led on the antenna flash amber and then green .

retry to program evo start 2 same thing.

recheck all wire 4 time ok

try another new evo1 sn:002b04150640 a and reprogram evo 2 same.

yellow igntion wire off the evo start plug with pink 6pin harness and current ok with test light with ign on

any idea ?? thanks
asked Dec 27, 2020 in Subaru by Max demers (130 points)
reopened Dec 28, 2020 by Max demers

1 Answer

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During programming of the EVO-START,

1. Press unlock on the OEM to disarm the EVO-ONE (in case it is armed)

2. Igniiton ON-OFF-ON

3. Press brake 4 times

4. Antenna will start to flash rapidly blue

5. Press and Hold antenna button until if goes green. Release RIGHT AWAY when it goes green. DO NOT hold it down to long.
answered Dec 28, 2020 by Robb (262,210 points)