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Flashlink not being detected in Manager

0 votes
Hello I recently bought an evo-one for my 2019 kia soul standard key, I downloaded the updated Flashlink manger software and cannot connect to program. I get a  message status:not connected for both Flash-link-updater and module.

I get a solid red light on updater when i plug it in and have tried multiple usb cables just to be sure and no lights on the Evo-one.

If I go ahead and click flash-link-firmware update the red led stays lit and the green also lights and stays on

Fashlink-4 module Service number 002504040498

Evo One SN;002804136757
asked Dec 25, 2020 in Kia by chris morgan (160 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Did you connect it to your car first with data link cable while holding button down on module?
answered Apr 12, 2021 by Stefan David (310 points)


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