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Red flashes 6 times but does not crake

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Trying to install on a 2010 Ford Escape, I have an Evo All with THAR-FOR1 harness. I get through step 3 and start doing the first key and the red and yellow light blink then stay solid after the 3 seconds. I then do the second key but only the red light comes on as solid. I pushed the programming button and the red light flashes 6 times, the ignition process begins but doesnt crank or have blue lights flashing. The anti theft light keeps flashing on the dash. I tryed to take it out of valet mode like I read in another QA, but that didnt do anything. I tryed to reflash the moduel and change settings. I rechecked all of the wireing. The SN is  001A07041799
asked Dec 24, 2020 in Ford by Brandon Thetreau (200 points)
edited Dec 24, 2020 by Brandon Thetreau

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