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2019 CX-5 Cruise Control & Brake Auto Hold not working

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Fortin Evo-One with THAR-ONE-MAZ3, everything updated to latest firmware.

When I remote start
 Brake auto hold does not work & Cruise Control works but get warning lights.
asked Dec 24, 2020 in Mazda by J. Mac (160 points)

1 Answer

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I am having the same issue on my 2019 CX-5 GTR.  Have you heard anything back?
answered Dec 30, 2020 by Tim Neasham (350 points)
you have to enable the option for shutting down the car when you a door like the oem one. Think it was option d3. so that the car can be restarted with a human and the oem key in the car
1 )Go to EVO one set up and enable car shut off on door open option D3 (basically the car starts I open the door the car shuts off and then I would have to press PTS button to start it again ( myself I don’t like this option)

2) Keep everything the way it is now (Start the car via EVO remote start unlock/open the door and press brake pedal the car would shut off and then I would have to press PTS button to start it again.

This is the solution we have if we still want to use EVO ONE remote start and in both options the error will not be displayed not sure about other aftermarket remote starters.