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evo all 2015 chevy trax step 4 yellow only blinks 4 times then goes yellow and red solid

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teck support says the brown wire is not making a good connection so i checked and everthing is making good contact and from the obd2 port terminal one (green wire i am curenly plugged rite into it to make sure that is not the issue. checked with meter and the connection is reading .5 of an ohm. so that is not an issue any more if it was. just seeing if anyone know where to go from here thanks
asked Dec 23, 2020 in Chevrolet by brad boyd (130 points)

2 Answers

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what is the actual issue? Are you not able to get the blue to flash?
answered Dec 23, 2020 by Derek (227,500 points)
even before the blue light not flashing i am only getting 4 sets of blinking yellow instead of 5 sets per step 4 and then has a solid red and yellow on at the same time and thats it. according to step 5 there should only be a solid yellow before turning key on.
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Do the first 4 steps of programming with only the black connector (power and ground). See if it blinks properly then. If it does, there is a problem with ignition wire on the 20-pin.


If it still fails, RESET the EVO, then reflash it.
answered Dec 24, 2020 by Robb (262,210 points)