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Does EVO-ONE need a clutch wire for 2014 Ram 3500 diesel manual transmission?

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After researching my options for a manual transmission I've determined the EVO-ONE coupled with the THAR-CHR6 was the best configuration for a stand alone system retaining original smart tip key. (Please correct if there is another option) According to another Q&A discussion regarding a RAM 3500 manual diesel, it was mentioned by Antoine Marion that a "clutch switch wire" has to be connected. After referring to Guide # 98581 for the EVO-ONE I did not find any information regarding the clutch switch. Shouldn't this be handled through CAN bus or does it need the clutch wire bonded with an output on the EVO-ONE?
asked Dec 20, 2020 in Ram by Daniel Young (150 points)

1 Answer

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the info will not be in the guide because the guide is for auto transmission.


First you need to test the clutch circuit in the vehicle to know if it is positive or negative or mux

If the clutch circuit is negative you would use the small white wire on the 20 pin connector

If the clutch circuit is positive you would use the large yellow wire on the main 6 pin

If it is mux again you would use the small white on the 20 pin connector of the evo with the appropriate resistance inline


Best regards.
answered Dec 23, 2020 by derek ! (284,920 points)