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EVO-ONE - 2020 Elantra Standard Key Manual Trans - Strange Lock/Unlock Behavior

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Using an EVO-ONE with the THAR-ONE-KHY2 harness and RFK942 kit. Everything works except when the unit sends a lock or unlock command on the can-bus it looks like the BCM momentarily loses power in the middle of the lock/unlock pulse. The locks will do a quick double pulse (as in power being lost in the middle of the normal pulse) and you can see the dome light do a quick flash and the OEM hazards flicker for a moment.

If the ignition is on and you press the lock or unlock button you can actually see cluster show a FUSE error along with some other warning lights that flash quickly during the "blip" of lost power.

The interesting thing is when I enabled driver door priority this doesn't happen during the first unlock pulse.

It's not the RF kit since it does the same thing when you do a remote start, you can hear the locks going haywire along with the dome light/hazards flickering for a bit just before it starts up.

Tried different firmware versions with the same results, not sure what else to try other than disabling lock control through the canbus and hardwiring it.
asked Dec 18, 2020 in Hyundai by Joe_C (130 points)

1 Answer

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Did you wired your Pats data correctly? Also there's a note on the install manual saying that if your vehicle is not equiped with a Pats data cable, you should use the programing number 2 for CAN function.
answered Dec 18, 2020 by MICHAEL DONINI (370 points)
PATS is wired correctly, car is equipped with immobilizer and remote start and key takeover works fine. Double checked CAN connections and they are all wired correctly as specified in the instructions. Tried various combinations of settings on the EVO-ONE with the same results.
how to find out pats data this wire on 2020 , i only can find 2019 , but they are not same !