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Cranked but doesn't start; solid red & yellow light (after it cranked)

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I've installed Evo-One on Toyota Camry 2014 G Key. After successful programming (installation), when I use OEM 3x lock to start the car, it cranked but failed to star; the unit shows solid RED and Yello clor.

Any hi9nt pleasee?


asked Dec 16, 2020 in Toyota by Qamar Zaman (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module?

Did you use a t-harness or wire to wire?
answered Dec 16, 2020 by derek ! (279,170 points)

S/N: 002B04111328

I used t-harness (THAR-TY10 & THAR-TOY2)


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if you place the key infront of the barrel does the vehicle remote start?
Unsure; I've not tried that.

So, do you mean immoblizer by pass update is not flashed on the brain (evo-one box)?

Hi Derek,

Any update?


Hi Derek

Could you please update me whether the device (I shared S/N) has firmware updated to bypass immoblizer part?

Thank you


S/N: 002B04111328

I used t-harness (THAR-TY10 & THAR-TOY2)

Can anyone from Fortin can reply?

I've a problem with the device (brain) I received wanted to confirm that the brain (evo-one) has updated firmwared flashed on it.

S/N: 002B04111328



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