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Best options to use with Excalibur AL-1870-30B

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Installing Excalibur AL-1870-3DB 2-way remote start and alarm into my 2007 GMC yukon using evo-all with t-harness and data-link.  I'm just double checking the best options to use on the flash link manager to get full use of my excalibur system and especially the 2-way system part of it.  Also settings you recommend leaving off and any other wiring conections not supported by datalink other than ignition, 12v and ground.  Any and all advice is much apreciated, the more info the better.  Hoping to get everything installed Friday or Saturday (12-4-2020/12-5-2020) Thank You.
asked Dec 3, 2020 in GMC by Brian Pretzer (160 points)

1 Answer

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The flash link settings wouldn't really do anything for the excalibur unit. Flash link is for setting up the evo and programming the key. You will though, have to set the proper Datalink Protocol in the EVO to match whatever the datalink protocol of the excalibur is. I believe it is D2D; which is option F3 in the EVO


Take the excalibur installation guide to see available features and it's own programmable unit options.
answered Dec 3, 2020 by Robb (262,720 points)