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F150 EVO ALL Strangeness

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I am hooking up an EVO-ALL to operate my OEM remote starter via a CARLINK ASCL6. I am also attempting to add a shock sensor and blinking LED. I am using t-harness THAR-FORT4.

It took quite a bit to get the ASCL6 to talk to the EVO-ALL. I could only get it to "talk" by sending a lock command during the learning process. For some reason I did it on a whim after trying all sorts of plug combinations etc.

However, now it has no confirmation of the commands it sends. It send 3 separate pulses for the lock and unlock commands. I had to wire the Lock [(white/black) to BCM (blue/green)] and Unlock [(white) to BCM (yellow/violet)] for the lock commands to send. Why am I not getting a status reading? Do I have to wire the Driver Door Pin?

I thought this would be mostly plug and play, but it seems like there is some wiring that needs to be done.

Also, LED is wired to 12v+ and negative to white wire on the 20 pin but it is not working. I also have a shock sensor on the way and need help with that. I've been at this for 3-4 days off and on. Programmed as standalone remote start and EVO alarm via Flashlink. HELP!

asked Nov 30, 2020 in Ford by Rictor Glass (130 points)

1 Answer

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Dirver door pin is shut down the radio after remote start shut down.

For the rest, what is the 12 digit service number of the module?
answered Dec 1, 2020 by Robb (262,740 points)
Sorry I didn't get an email when you replied and just saw this researching!

SN: 001A07097717

I don't believe the ASCL6 does individual alarm status notifications (example, alarm went off because of door opening). Mainly just, "hey the alarm is ringing". May have to confirm with Voxx electronics. The ascl6 also require that it's horn input be connected to the vehicles (+)horn trigger.

The alarm portion would also require that option G- EVO-ALARM be enabled. It's not enabled right now. Once enabled, the GREEN wire from the 20-pin connector will be (-)horn output. The purple/white will also convert into a dual stage input for both triggers of the shock sensor.

Check this EVO-ALARM guide: https://fortin.ca/download/16221/16221.pdf