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Evo start2 app not communicating with car lexus rx350

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I'm using the EVOone with Evo start2 in my 2016 lexus rx350. The car starts fine with the oem key fob but i can not get the evo start app to start the car. the lights on the antenna flash green a few times and then goes amber whenever i send a signal from my phone but nothing happens to the vehicle. I connected the yellow ignition wire to the other yellow wire on the thar-toy-6 and data 4pin is plugged in to correct port. Am i missing something?
asked Nov 28, 2020 in Lexus by tyler brown (140 points)

1 Answer

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Did you go in programing mode for the antenna ?

Hold the Evo One module bouton untill it flash red

Use the switch with small white connector 2 pin - Press 5 time

1 time the brake

the antenna light should flash

Hold the antenna bouton it should stay green then turn off
answered Nov 30, 2020 by Thuy Du Dao (590 points)