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Hyundai Sonata evo all stand alone no start

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Hi any one have any issues installing a evo all stand alone on a 2011 sonata push start?
it started once right after programming but now it just turns on  the evo all does some clicks and the red lights flashes 3 times I double checked all the wiring and everything is correct, I also noticed the ignition is not turning on when you try to remote start. I tried a another evo all and same thing started once after program and then does the same thing.

posté Oct 10, 2020 dans la catégorie Hyundai par Methunen Sri (370 points)

1 Réponse

0 votes
Use firmware 76.31
répondu Oct 12, 2020 par Robert T (275,350 points)
Hi so I changed firmware and tried it, it programmed fine and i pressed start and still didnt work, so i tried a brand new evo all with the firmware you said and it started up no issues at all.

but now i have another issue the other evo all, i tried to use it for another car and its not working it programs fine on that car everything works, ignition turns on but it doesnt crank i tried doing a master reset and it did not work any ideas or is it just faulty after the sonata?


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