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2008 Civic will crank,but wont start

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My 2008 Honda Civic will just crank,but wont start. The key chip warning light comes on during cranking. i tried doing it with the key in the ignition and still wont start. The car will start and run fine when started with just the key. It seems to have something to do with the chipped key. Any help with this?
posté Nov 1, 2019 dans la catégorie Honda par jeffrey huesties (130 points)

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What exactly are you installing?
répondu Nov 4, 2019 par Robert T (280,310 points)
An EVO-One remote start with t-harness
What's the serivce number of the module?

Where you able to program the module in the car?

What's the battery voltage with the car off?
S/N is.. 002B04050798 The battery voltage in the car is around 13v, that hasn't been an issue. It programs fine just like its supposed to. The lights all confirm its programmed right. The parking lights flash twice like they should, but itll just crank and not fire. It'll do this twice, but when it's done I can start it right up with the key.
I ask because if the voltage is below 12.4V , even though the module programs, the encryption can be no good.


Do you have lock and unlock connected? if so, disonnect them and try again.
No, I haven't even attempted to hook those wires up yet. I did notice today that it looks like at some point something aftermarket was connected to the immobilizer plug. The dark yellow wire has been cut and there are wires connected to each side of the cut. Im not sure yet where it goes.
ok good, door locks are not connected, i would of asked to disconnect them temporarily. With the latest firmwares, you may not even need those connections anyway.


If you can, please call support. May be easier to see or understand whats going on.

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