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16 Transit Connect (no key detected)

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Have tried other peoples solutions such as not connecting red connector until complete and decrptor with one key.  Still cannot get remote start to work.

Step 8 first key in RED and BLUE on, yellow turns on, off when removed.  Second key in, only red and blue.  Push button on module and get "No key Detected" error on dash.

Lights flash rapididly then red goes solid.  After that blue blinks ten times and then ignition shuts off.

When I do hit the lock button on remote the module blinks blue.

Thanks Much
posté Mar 26, 2018 dans la catégorie Ford par Charles Gibson (200 points)

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Enable option 1.10, save the option and re test.
répondu Mar 26, 2018 par derek ! (284,770 points)
élue Mar 26, 2018 par Charles Gibson
Can't believe I missed the simple check box.  Works as it should now.  Thanks Much.
I have this same exact problem but have no idea what your answer means lol. When I first hooked the remote starter up, it started no problem. After I zip tied all my wires and put the dash back together I decided to check and make sure it still worked. Instead of starting I got a whole bunch of warning lights and alerts and now its doing exactly as described. I bought the kit of off of Amazon and am waiting for the sender to take 3 days to get back with me. Is there anything I can try? Thanks
What is the service number written on the back of your module ?
JAmes, if it stopped working after tieing up the module, chances are something got pulled on to tight and is not making contact anymore. Also, if you have any Ttaps on there , they tend to go loose.